Major Causes of your Hangover


    While drinking alcohol, its no surprise that your body excretes mainly fluids. Not only is your body excreting fluids, but it is also losing key electrolytes and hormones. These electrolytes effect overall body function, and without them your body can't retain enough fluid.


    Fix: VIVE's powerful electrolyte blend helps keep the body stabilised and hydrated while drinking. Electrolytes are what transports fluids into the body. A proper electrolyte balance helps you body stay hydrated and retain fluids so you feel much better in the morning


    When your body is excreting more fluid than normal during a night out, you are also losing key vitamins and minerals. These vitamins affect brain function, and the loss of these important vitamins can cause headaches and general mental fogginess.


    Fix: Vive is loaded with many key vitamins and minerals to prevent these deficiencies and promote proper vitamin balance and mental clarity !


    While processing the alcohol, your body creates a toxin, acetaldehyde, which studies show is 30X more toxic than the alcohol it self. Unfortunately the body is only capable of neutralizing the acetaldehyde from 2-3 drinks, so excess acetaldehyde can build up causing your hangover.


    Fix: Glutathione. Glutathione is an antioxidant that destroys Acetaldehyde. VIVE is loaded with amino acid and glutathione production to effectively neutralize the excess acetaldehyde before it can build up and cause a hangover!

  • B-Vitamins (mg)
  • Minerals (mg)
  • Electrolytes (mg)

Optimal Body Function

  • Magnesium

    Anti-stress Mineral - Helps avoid thickened blood and small clots which lead to tension headaches.
  • Potassium

    Promotes proper nerve and muscle functions
  • Chromium

    Mineral - Regulates blood sugar levels already in a healthy range
  • 8 B-Vitamins

    Vitamins - Promotes cellular energy production and healthy nervous system function
  • Calcium

    Promotes healthy heart, nerve, and muscle function
  • Manganese

    Promotes healthy brain and nerve function. Increases Calcium absorption. Regulates already healthy blood sugar levels
  • Zinc

    Mineral/Antioxidant - Can promote a healthy liver

Super Antioxidants

  • N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine

    Amino Acid/Antioxidant - Protects the liver. Promotes Glutathione Production, and reduces acetaldehyde toxicity.
  • Vitamin C

    Antioxidant - Neutralizes free radicals
  • Glutamine

    Amino Acid - Promotes Glutathione Production, and reduces acetaldehyde toxicity.
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid

    Promotes Glutathione Production, and reduces acetaldehyde toxicity.
  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine

    Can prevent liver damage. Supports healthy blood blow to brain and optimal brain function.
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