How it all Started!

As college students immersed in the college lifestyle, we learned quickly how detrimental hangovers can be to our lives. From compromising academic performance to losing productivity and focus to feeling our health deteriorate, we realized how big of a problem it had become for ourselves and other classmates. 

We started researching ways to stop these dreaded hangovers.  We tried all types of vitamins and herbs and finally found some that made a major difference. These became a necessity in our pregame routine and quickly became extremely popular with our classmates and friends

That's when we had the idea for VIVE! If these vitamins were so effective on their own, imagine how great a product could be that addresses all the causes of a hangover. After great research, we discovered many ingredients that prevented hangovers while offering Incredible full body health benefits, and created VIVE, a great-tasting effective hangover prevention drink!

We had a hard time balancing work with partying. Our partying was at the cost of our productiveness and general wellbeing. Don't let the same happen to you. Try VIVE today!