5 Reasons Vive needs to be your go-to chaser

1) Good for the waistline. 

Traditional chasers have horrendous amounts of sugar and calories. Not only do they not help you keep that figure, but that sugar can also make your hangovers worse! Let's take a look at the numbers. 

Leading sports drink - 35g Sugar, 150 Calories

Orange Juice - 21g Sugar, 111 Calories

Leading soda - 39g Sugar, 150 Calories

Fortunately, those aren't your only chaser options. Vive has only 30 calories and less than 1g sugar. It is also specially formulated to help mask the taste of alcohol, whether it is used as a mixer or a chaser. 


2) Hydration

There is a reason sports drinks are one of the most popular chasers. Electrolytes. Let's talk a little bit about electrolytes. Not only do they help with hydration, but they are also essential for healthy brain and body function. Electrolytes are key, so you should be getting plenty in your chaser. Did you know that Sports drinks are not nearly the best source of electrolytes? Vive has 3X more electrolytes than the leading sports drink to make sure your body has all the electrolytes it needs during a night out. It's not a drink made for when you are sick, or when you work out hard - it is a drink for people who drink.


3) Nutrient Replenishment

It’s a popular misconception that hangovers are caused only by dehydration. Sure, your body is losing fluids and becoming dehydrated, but along with those fluids, your body is losing essential vitamins and minerals. When these vitamins and minerals are depleted, your body will feel it the next day. The same way your head and body will hurt when you have a hard workout and don't get proper nutrition afterward. Vive was specially formulated to give you all the vitamins and minerals necessary to replenish those lost during a night of drinking. Think of it as a multivitamin for people who drink!


4) Detox

What better way to keep your body healthy than to start the detox process before you start drinking alcohol. Here's how it works. As your body processes alcohol, it creates a toxin that is 30X more harmful than the alcohol itself - called acetaldehyde. Yes, you read that correctly, 30 TIMES more harmful than the alcohol itself. Your body has a master antioxidant (glutathione) that breaks down this toxin. Unfortunately, your body only has enough of this antioxidant to neutralize a very limited amount of this toxin. That's where Vive comes in. Vive’s antioxidant blend boosts your body's ability to produce this master antioxidant which means your body will be able to get rid of this toxin faster. Fewer toxins, the better you will feel tomorrow. It's that simple. 


5) Convenience

When you are headed out to the pregame, the last thing you want is to have to lug around a heavy chaser. It's bulky, annoying to carry, and just not ideal. Vive comes in individual powder packets. That means you can just throw it in your pocket or purse - and when you need a mixer, just mix it in a glass of water, and you're ready to go!

We’ve all grown up thinking that hangovers are just a part of life. Luckily there is real science behind hangovers, which means there are legitimate ways to protect your body and reduce your hangovers. Vive was built on science, not superstition. If you still don’t believe us, hopefully you’ll believe the 300+ customers just like yourself who gave Vive 5-stars!

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